4 Steps to Shift Your Marketing Mindset

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What’s your mindset around marketing? Are you feeling overwhelmed by marketing your business?

As a Marketing + Mindset Coach, I combine strategic marketing tips along with crucial mindset work. Today, I’m excited to share a few steps to help you shift your marketing mindset!

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I’m going to start off by sharing my motto in life and in business! Are you ready?

You can’t build a successful business with a crappy mindset.

That motto embodies what this whole podcast is all about. I’ll share strategic marketing tips to help you build your business. And I’m also going to share ways you can overcome limiting beliefs!

I feel that the tactical part of it goes hand-in-hand with the mindset work and I truly believe that we cannot be successful leaders if our mindsets don’t support our goals.

The biggest thing I hope to accomplish through this podcast is just to help you feel more confident and more sure of yourself as a leader in order to grow your business.

The main thing that I see my clients and friends struggling with is that they feel completely overwhelmed on how to market their business. They feel like they have to show up on every single platform and be active every single day. They don’t have clarity on their messaging, what type of content to post, or how to even get found on these platforms.

So if you feel overwhelmed by marketing your business, my hope is that this episode will help you transform that mindset into a more positive one.

Marketing does not have to feel overwhelming and today I am excited to share a few steps to help you shift your marketing mindset!

Step 1: Remember that you’re human!

At the end of the day, our brand is not Nike. The majority of us are a one-woman show.

And usually, that one woman is not only running the business but they’re also the social media specialist, the graphic designer, the ones writing the emails, doing the admin work, scheduling meetings and doing every single task.

So remember that at the end of the day, you are human. There is only so much that you can do; that’s okay and everyone else knows that, too.


Step 2: Do what works for you

As business owners, we consume so much information on how we can grow our businesses based on what’s worked for others.

But what works for someone else doesn’t always work for us. Tune into your intuition and take note of things that are working for you and what might not be working for you. 

This goes for both your marketing, but also just business and life in general. Make sure that everything you’re doing in a day is working for you, from the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you close your eyes at night.

Step 3: Simplify your strategies

Once you start doing what works for you, you will feel a lot more comfortable to simplify your strategies!

Know what works for you and focus on the platforms that are working for your business. Simplify your marketing strategy to one or two platforms and focus on those. Once you have a positive mindset and you’re feeling really awesome about those one or two platforms, then you can expand if you want to.

Don’t exhaust yourself right off the bat by trying to show up everywhere all at once. It’s just going to burn you out, so start simple and pick one or two platforms that you know your audience is on. Show up as best as you possibly can for your audience on those platforms!


Step 4: Step into a leadership mindset

Doing this is going to really help you to show up more, whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest or email marketing. Wherever you pick that works for you, stepping into the leadership mindset will help you show up consistently and confidently. 

This is so important because that’s how we grow and nurture our audience! Building our leadership mindset might not necessarily seem like a marketing tactic, but it totally is because as business owners we are the face of our business.

We want to come off as confident and calm and collected as we possibly can. Start working on your leadership mindset today and build your confidence from there.

Now I want to hear from you… what is one thing that you are struggling with in your marketing right now? This could be something strategic or it could be something more like a limiting belief. 

No matter what it is, I want you to send me a DM on Instagram right now and let me know what your biggest marketing struggle is at the moment. Not only will I give you some free coaching, I’ll also include a more in-depth episode in the future to make sure I really give you the support you need through this podcast!

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