6 Instagram Reels Tips for Business Owners

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You’ve been showing up on Instagram Reels, hopping on the trends and putting yourself and your business out there. But are you kind of unsure whether or not it’s doing anything in terms of actual business growth?

Whenever we start incorporating a new element into our marketing strategies, it’s important to make sure that it’ll ultimately help drive the bottom line of our business. You can get all of the followers and views in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything if it’s not driving true results and helping push towards your business goals.

So today, I’m sharing 6 ways you can add more oomph to your Instagram Reels! This will help ensure you’re making the most of your time and utilizing Reels in a strategic way for your business.

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Tip #1: Include enticing headlines in the Instagram Reels video itself

When it comes to video marketing, you have 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Enticing headlines are a great way to capture your viewers attention right off the bat!

Whether your Reel is promotional, educational or just a fun Reel to show your personality—you should always include a headline right in the video itself. Make sure this headline will speak to your ideal viewer and their needs, problems, or interests.

Tip #2: Put your own spin on trending audios

Trending audios are a great way to gain more traction (whether it’s on TikTok or Instagram Reels!). The reason it works so well is because of what’s called the familiarity principal. This means that we’re drawn to things we know, and trending sounds or concepts are familiar to those of us who spend time scrolling Reels or TikTok!

Because we’re familiar with it, we’re subconsciously more inclined to keep watching. Just make sure to put your own spin on the trends and make it your own! Another great way to use the familiarity effect on Reels would be to use throwback songs that your viewer may not have heard in a while, but will instantly recognize.

Here’s an example of a recent trending sound I put my own spin on to appeal to my audience:

Tip #3: Incorporate transitions into your videos

Full transparency: I’m not the greatest when it comes to transitions! BUT this is an important tip because transitions in video marketing are a great way to keep your viewers engaged and guessing as to what will happen next.

If you’re showing the exact same elements throughout your entire Reel, it’s possible your viewer will lose interest and keep scrolling. But if you switch it up and incorporate transitions, it’ll keep their eyes moving around the screen and keep their interest.

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Tip #4: Turn your Instagram Reels into a weekly series

My coach Bree Mitchell recently mentioned this one in a Clubhouse room and it’s SUCH an amazing idea! Think about one specific topic that you could break up into a few different Reels. Then, create one Reel for each of those mini-topic and do a quick 30-second training on each one.

Once you have all of the Reels recorded, you’ll space them out and post them on different days. You could either do one per day and you’ll release the whole series in one week, or you could make it a weekly series where you post on that one specific topic each Monday, for example. You would let your viewers know to come back next week for the next part in the series.

This is beneficial because people will get excited to come back, and they’ll look forward to coming back to your profile each week for the next part of the series.

Tip #5: Think about your ideal follower

Reels are intended to be relatable. When we scroll through the Reels feed as consumers, we’re looking for things that excite or inspire us, educate us, or make us laugh. The only way to make sure you’re evoking those emotions in your ideal follower is to actually think about your ideal follower and put yourself in their shoes!

Whenever you create a Reel, always think about your ideal follower. What would they want to see in this Reel in order to have the response you’re hoping to encourage?

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Tip #6: Use Instagram Reels as an entry to your sales funnel

Are you using your Reels as an entry into your sales funnel? You can easily do this by talking about your offers, products or services and how people work with you. But it can also be a softer sell like signing up for a free resource or opt in, joining your Facebook group, or even following you for more tips.

Reels are so much fun, but using them in a strategic way as business owners is crucial! Always make sure to add in calls to action into your Reels where you mention your offers, or are sharing value with your viewers.

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