5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Instagram Reels Song

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In today’s episode, I’m answering the question that I get asked most often about Reels — “How do I choose the perfect Instagram Reels song?!”

Audio plays a big part in our Reels. If it’s an enticing audio, it can hook our viewers in and make them stick around. So today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways to choose the perfect song (or audio in general!) for our Instagram Reels!

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5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Instagram Reels Song

Tip 1: Use your favorite throwback song

In a sea full of trending songs and similar audios, a good throwback song really stands out.

Incorporating this type of song is a unique way to capture your viewer’s attention the second they land on your Reel. These types of sounds can bring up an unexpected and positive association from your viewers, making it instantly stand out.

Think about what songs you love from decades ago and figure out how you can start incorporating in that type of song into your Reels.

Tip 2: Use a song that shows your personality

We all have those songs that totally resonate with us and, in a way, represent our personality!

Even if it’s not well-known, those audios can really stand out in Reels and help to show who you are and what you’re all about. Instagram can be so curated and surface-level sometimes, so incorporating your personality through songs is a great way to show viewers who you really are.

Tip 3: Use your go-to Karaoke song

This may be the most fun tip of all! Using your go-to karaoke song is a great way to think about audio for Reels. Here’s why:

  • Your audience will feel more connected to you, because again, you’re showing your personality. Karaoke songs are typically upbeat and can help express who we are!
  • You’ll likely feel more comfortable because of course it’s a song you love! You’ll feel more natural and sure of yourself in front of the camera while blasting a song you enjoy!

Tip 4: Use audio from shows or movies

This is such a relatable, memorable and engaging way to incorporate unique audios into your Reels.

A popular one that you’ve probably seen before is the Pivot scene from Friends. There are obviously so many different shows, movies or accounts that you can do this with and it’s a good way to have people relate to you more.

There’s a few ways that you can go about utilizing these types of audios. I recommend going to the Instagram accounts of your favorite shows, movies, Netflix, HBO, etc. You can even look at fan pages for behind-the-scenes content and see how you can put your own spin on it to create an engaging and memorable Reel!

Tip 5: Use trending audios

Browse the Reels feed for trending audios! This could be songs or specific sounds that are popular right now. This works because we are so used to hearing those sounds that they stand out to us more.

Just make sure when you’re utilizing these trending audios that you are putting your own spin on it, being yourself and making it very unique to you and your business!

If you are looking for trending songs for your Reels, I have a Spotify playlist with over four hours of trending songs that you can use for your Reels!

To recap my five tips to help you choose the perfect audio for Instagram Reels are:

  1. Throwback song
  2. Song that shows your personality
  3. Karaoke song
  4. Audios from shows/movies
  5. Trending audios

If you found this episode helpful, make sure to leave us a review on iTunes or share a screenshot to your Instagram Stories!! Have questions on Reels? Send me a DM on Instagram so I can help you out! 

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