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4-Step Guide to Use Instagram Reels for Business

Instagram Reels are a great way to gain visibility for your business! This platform is putting a major emphasis on Reels right now, so it’s a great opportunity for brands and businesses to take advantage of!

But how do you actually utilize this content type in a way that’ll actually benefit your business?

So today, I’m quickly mapping out your new Instagram Reels strategy that’ll help you grow your business and reach your goals! 

4 Simple Steps to Develop Your Instagram Reels Strategy

➡️ STEP 1: Define your goals

Start out by defining your overarching business goals. These can be related to Instagram, like increasing engagement, or they can be other business goals like growing your email list, increasing website traffic, getting more sales or booking more clients. 

Create a list of 3-5 business goals and write them down. We’ll come back to this later, but it’s important to start off with these goals defined and know what you actually want to accomplish in your business with the help of social media.

➡️ STEP 2: Brainstorm 50 topic ideas for Reels

50 might sound intimidating, but I find that as I start writing this list, the creativity starts flowing more and more! Usually, my best ideas come towards the end of the list.

When creating this list, keep in mind these 3 overarching themes: 

  • Authority: This theme will include educational Reels and high-value topics
  • Community: These should be relatable Reels that show your personality and sense of humor
  • Self-Promotion: Promote your own offers, services, products and more!

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➡️ STEP 3: Select your top 8 ideas and define your calls-to-action

Now that you have your list of 50 amazing topic ideas, you’re going to select your best 8. Make sure you have a mix of different themes and some are educational, some promotional, and relatable!

For each of these 8 Reels, you’re going to assign it a specific call-to-action. This is where your list of business goals comes back into play. 

Looking at your list of 8 Reel ideas and your list of business goals, define how you can tie each Reel into a goal. Maybe in an educational Reel, you add in ‘Follow me for more tips on [topic]’ to tie into a goal of increasing follower count.

Not all Reels will have a call-to-action added in, but make sure to add them in where applicable!

➡️ STEP 4: Record your Reels and post two per week!

My favorite part of this strategy is that you can spend one day recording all 8 Reels, and you’ll be all set for one full month.

Right now, I recommend posting two Reels per week. I’ve found this is easy to stick with while also helping my account gain visibility.

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Overall, the most important thing is to make sure you’re being intentional with your Reels. Define your business goals, outline your Reel ideas, connect the dots between your ideas and your goals, and include calls to action!

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