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As we head into 2021 and reflect on what was surely one of the most difficult years for humans around the world, one thing we might want to focus on more is our mental health and business mindset as entrepreneurs.

Mental health for business owners is especially important; we want to make sure we find a balance between getting ALL the things done, and also taking time for ourselves. 

So in today’s episode I’m joined by Jesse of Palm Social Co. Jesse is an incredible marketing coach, but she also talks a lot about business mindset and mental health.

Jesse is sharing her personal story with mental health, and sharing specific ways that we can improve our mental health as business owners.

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How Jesse got started

After about 3 years of blogging, Jesse joined an online women’s community and attended a business retreat about content planning. When listening to the panels, she realized that she knew all of the answers, had ideas and could help these women.

At that point, her goal was to support events for female entrepreneurs to help with management and run Stories and content during the events. And then… COVID-19 hit. She pivoted and changed her perspective, and realized during the past few months just how important business mindset and mental health is for entrepreneurs.

Jesse’s journey with mental health as a business owner

Jesse believes that, while we all love talking about it, no one will ever find the perfect balance when they’re trying to figure out their mental health mixed with social media.

“People put too much tension on numbers as opposed to who’s engaging and the audience that they have. So finding that perfect balance is also finding the balance between your mental mindset and your marketing.” Here’s how Jesse finds balance:

  1. Time block your calendar. She blocks off specific times for certain tasks, and she also makes sure she’s off the clock by 8:00 PM every night.
  2. Work from the bathtub! “I’ll just relax and sit in there for about an hour, and either work or I’ll educate myself.”
  3. Take weekends off. Jesse says this is so important because we need that mental space away from our business.
  4. Follow people who align with your values. Don’t try and follow everyone! Follow the accounts that you want to learn from and that align with you.

How to protect your mental health as a business owner

When it comes to protecting mental health and still showing up online, Jesse notes that she’s very open about her own mental health. “I prefer to be very honest because my people are very similar to me. They have the feelings and emotions and anxieties that I do. So I show up online very authentically talking about it.”

She mentions that choosing to go about showing up in this authentic way and being open about her mental health with her audience has allowed space for very important, engaging and real conversations that go beyond the surface-level “hey, love your content!” type of connections.

How can we show up authentically online as business owners

“Showing up authentically on Instagram would be creating the content that aligns with who you are as a person,” she says. “You can do the market research and look at other people in your niche and what they’re doing, but don’t create something based on something they’ve done. Create it based on something you had an idea for and make it in a way that you feel comfortable and resonates with you.”

She also recommends putting the effort in to show up in ways that feel human and authentic. For example, rather than posting a static post, share a video

Jesse’s tip for women launching their dream business

Before you launch, Jesse recommends you have a system! “If you don’t have a system, you’re going to struggle for a little while. And I’m saying this because I wish I had this advice when I started, but I didn’t really have a system!”

She recommends having your systems set up, knowing how you’ll invoice clients/customers, and having automated systems that are ready to go once you’re ready to launch.

Learn more from Jesse

Jesse has two free resources to help business owners on social media. The first one is an Instagram Audit checklist, and the second includes her three favorite ways to create content for an entire month in just two days!

In addition to her freebies, Jesse offers management services, mentorship services and programs to help entrepreneurs create high-converting marketing strategies.

Check out Jesse’s Website: palmsocialco.com

Follow Jesse on Instagram: @palmsocialco

Download her Free Resource: Audit your Instagram

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