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Owning Your Brand Voice with Kaili Meyer

Today I’m joined by copywriter Kaili Meyer of Reveal Studio Co, to talk about owning your brand voice as an entrepreneur and infusing your personality in order to stand out to your audience.

Kaili is a copywriter working with brands and businesses to create high-converting sales copy and she shares some incredible insights that you can start incorporating into your business strategy today!

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πŸ“ How Kaili Got Started

Kaili’s background includes tons of unique and interesting roles. From founding a magazine as a sophomore in college, to working in institutional investing, Kaili has truly done it all.

While working as a capital writer, she realized that she wanted to be writing on her own terms. Kaili was inspired to open Reveal Studio Co (formerly known as Kaptivate), and now she helps business owners develop convert-worthy copy that speaks to their ideal client.

πŸ“ Why is it important to start owning your voice as an entrepreneur?

“The biggest reason owning your voice is important is because people want to work with confident people.” Kaili mentions that when people invest, they want to feel that the expert they’re investing in is so confident in their abilities.

“If you’re questioning yourself, it will show. And not only will it show, but it signifies that something has to happen within yourself,” she says. “Either you’re doing the wrong thing, or you have some inner work on self-worth and value that you need to work through before getting your message out there.”

πŸ“ How to start clarifying your message and owning your brand voice as an entrepreneur

The first step to owning your voice? Being confident in your value and what you’re going to provide.

“You have to build confidence. And the only way true confidence can be built is by you being confident in your offer yourself.” Kaili says to recognize how valuable you are and only put out offers that you’re 100% confident in.

Once you’re confident, you’ll start gaining clarity into who you are and how you want people to feel. “I think too often we’re focused on what we want to say and who our ideal client is. And those two things are incredibly important, but at the core of marketing and selling is emotion.”

πŸ“ Kaili’s tips to infuse your message into your business

When it comes to infusing your message into your business, Kaili recommends developing your signature phrasesβ€”the phrases that feel very “you.” Once you have those signature phrases, infuse them into your website, email marketing and social media.

She also shares how important it is to remain consistent in your brand voice and messaging no matter where you’re showing up.

“The tone in which you deliver it can change, of course. On Instagram you’re going to be more graphic heavy, so maybe your captions are a little bit different. And on your website, you’re going to have more space, you have things parsed out differently on pages, so the tone in which you deliver it can change. But who you are and how you show up needs to remain the same no matter where you’re doing it.”

πŸ“ Messaging & brand voice mistakes to avoid

Two mistakes Kaili sees when it comes to messaging and copywriting is overthinking it and being too wordy.

“Something I like to tell people when they’re editing is to go through sentence by sentence. If you could remove a sentence and the value of the post or the content wouldn’t decline, it has to go.”

“Imagine adding materials to your home that aren’t helping it structurally or aesthetically… it’s not doing anything. So don’t put those in your copy either!”

πŸ“ Kaili’s tip for women launching their dream business

“Work backwards,” she says. “Instead of thinking about your dream business, you need to think about your dream life 5 years from now.”

Kaili suggests reflecting on what you want your day-to-day life to look like, and then reverse-engineering your business to build that. Visualize your life five years from now and figure out what you need to do today to get closer to that vision!

πŸ“ Work with Kaili

Kaili offers 1:1 services for web copy, email funnels, launch packages, as well as copy audits. She also shares tons of value over on Instagram, and has a free Launch Checklist to help you gain clarity before you start writing any launch copy!

Another great free resource she offers is all about generating better testimonials and client reviews! “Research shows that 96% of consumers trust a stranger’s review on the internet more than they would trust a review from a family member or friend.”

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