3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make on Social Media with Candice Morales

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Worried you might be making some social media mistakes as an entrepreneur? Today I’m talking with Strategy Coach Candice Morales on all things showing up and showing off online as a business owner.

Candice, who helps women in the early stages of business, dives into how we can show up and show off online. She’s also sharing 3 big mistakes she sees entrepreneurs making on social media, and how we can start fixing them today.

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How Candice got started

Candice is a Strategy Coach who supports women in years 0-2 of their business. She specifically helps them to unapologetically show up and show off online!

Candice focuses on this in particular because she knows it’s so important, but something many struggle with — to show up and not feel sleazy, salesy or spammy, or feel unqualified because you just started. 

“I know I had imposter syndrome at first, and I want people to know that’s normal and you can get through that,” Candice says. “So I help women to figure out how to get through that, both with the mindset part of it and the strategy.”

Why it’s important to show up as a business owner

“Showing up, in the beginning especially, is just about building the habit. You have to allow yourself to build the habit of going online, of going live, making stories, posting, all of that,” she says. “You just have to show up for it.”

And once you start showing up for your business more and more, that’s when you’ll start to learn what’s working and what’s not working.

Candice explains that showing off your expertise and sharing why you’re great is also important because that’s how you’ll build the know, like, trust factor.

“I love saying ‘show off’ because it makes people cringe, and that’s what I want. That’s the exact response I’m looking for from you because if you’re still cringing at the idea of showing off, then there’s work to be done there.”

How to feel more confident on social media as a business owner

In order to build up your confidence online, Candice says you have to have a plan! “Grab yourself a calendar and say ‘I’m going to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday and show up on Stories every day,'” she says. “Just start there, write something down that you’re going to do and make yourself do it.”

She also mentions the importance of knowing what you’re aspiring to. What’s your vision? Having clarity on this will help you know who to connect with online.

3 Common Social Media Mistakes Candice Sees from Entrepreneurs

Are you making these common social media mistakes?

  1. Not showing your face. “You can’t trust someone as easily when you can’t see who they are and their personality. So show your face!”
  2. Not owning your expertise. “If you don’t see yourself as an expert, then your people aren’t seeing you as an expert. If they don’t see you as an expert, then they’re likely not hiring you.”
  3. Not engaging meaningfully and strategically. “You have to engage like there are actual people on the other side of your screen because there are. They’re not just followers or likes, they are human beings with their own stories, needs and pain points so you have to know them.”

Quick Tips to Stand Out on Social Media

“You have to get clear on your message and be okay with saying it over and over again.”

Candice encourages business owners to say their message over and over and allow it to be a message that someone can quickly grab on to and remember. 

Candice’s tip for women launching their dream business

“You have to invest in yourself. You have to be able to spend money with someone who does what you do. I had to hire a coach before I started seeing real progress, and that’s okay and it’s good. When I spend money in my community, money can come back to me.”

Work with Candice

Candice has an awesome offer called IG Glow Up, where she walks you through everything you need to know to stand out on Instagram in 4 videos. She also has things like 30 Prompts for Your Live Streams to help you build the habit of showing up on Stories.

In addition, she offers 1:1 coaching to help you build the strategy and mindsets around showing up, showing off and calling in the income you deserve.

Check out Candice’s Website:

Follow Candice on Instagram: @elevatewithcandice

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