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In today’s episode, I’m joined by Systems & Automations Coach Ericka Ige, who helps business owners save hours by implementing strong systems.

Tune in to hear Ericka dive into the importance of strong systems to help business owners scale, and tons of actionable advice to help you start creating strong systems for your business today!

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How Ericka Got Started

Ericka is a Systems & Automations Coach. She helps busy coaches and service providers save hours by implementing strong systems and automations in their business.

After starting out online as a VA, Ericka realized she had a passion for coaching and transitioned into the coaching space after a year.

What are systems, and why are they important for small businesses?

Systems are like the big areas of our business, according to Ericka! Every business has different areas like finance, marketing, client/customer management, etc. Each of those are different systems in our business.

As business owners, it’s important to think about our systems and processes for many reasons, but one main aspect Ericka points out is growth.

“It’s good to have structure and an idea of how each area flows so you don’t get overwhelmed when a problem does occur, and you’ll know exactly how to fix it.”

Ericka’s Systems Simplified Method for Scaling our Business

The reason she calls it the Systems Simplified Method—she likes to keep things simple!

Here are Ericka’s 4 steps to scale with systems:

  1. Question and audit your business. In order to really fix what’s really going on, you have to first know what’s actually happening.
  2. Reform your systems. Once you know what’s happening, map out how you can fix or reform specific areas.
  3. Implement and test. Test it out and ask yourself which areas are working for you and which areas need further improvement.
  4. Assess. When you’re running a growing business, you always want to make sure that everything is still working for you!

Tips on investing in tools to improve your small business systems

When it comes to investing in tools or apps to scale your business, Ericka’s number one rule is “don’t just invest in something that someone else has, just for the sake of it.”

What works for someone else, may not always work for you. Ericka emphasizes this point by mentioning that she’s worked with 10 clients recently, and each of them needed different systems and processes.

Another tip is to look at what’s going on in your business and what actual functions you need from the tool. What problem do you need it to solve? From there, make sure it fits within your budget.

Ericka’s Top Tools for Business Owners

  1. ClickUp: a project management software that Ericka uses to manage pretty much her entire business!
  2. Acuity: a scheduling tool that offers forms, applications, and different types of appointments
  3. Google Suite: This is where Ericka houses all important business and client documents

Ericka’s tip for women launching their dream business

“Don’t be afraid to pivot.” Ericka says that you might not love what you start out doing, and you might change. She’s glad she pivoted and took her business in a different intention because it’s changed her life.

“If you feel moved to go in another direction, don’t be scared to take that leap. Make sure you plan it of course, but don’t be afraid to make a pivot. It could be life-changing.”

Work with Ericka

Ericka offers VIP days, 1:1 Coaching Sales Consultations and provides tons of great free value on Instagram! Follow Ericka on Instagram for more on how to build sustainable systems to support your business!

Check out Ericka’s Mini-Course: Onboard N’ Chill

Follow Ericka on Instagram: @erickaige

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