8 Ideas to Supercharge Your Instagram Engagement

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Are you struggling to increase your Instagram engagement? It’s so easy to just blame the algorithm for our lack of likes, comments and shares, but actually… there are SO many fun ways to increase your engagement on Instagram! And I promise it doesn’t have to be the uphill battle that it sometimes feels like.

In this episode, I’m sharing my top 8 ideas to supercharge your Instagram Engagement!

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Instagram Engagement Tip #1: Post Reels!

Instagram is really pushing this type of content right now and rewarding creators who are taking advantage of it!

Try batch recording a few Reels and posting 2-3 per week. At the end of the month, look back at the views and engagements on each Reel to see what performed best, and expand on those topics or styles for the next month!

Instagram Engagement Tip #2: Utilize the ‘Close Friends’ Feature

Instagram Expert Zara Char joins us in an upcoming episode and talks about how awesome this feature is for relationship building! This is a great way to increase Story engagement because you’ll show up higher in the Story feed for those you add to your list.

Use this list to provide additional value and start conversations with your warm leads!

Instagram Engagement Tip #3: Host a Giveaway

Host a giveaway by giving away a product or service of your own at no charge, or teaming up with other relevant accounts or brands to give away a bundle!

If you are partnering up with others, just make sure your audiences are aligned; this way the new accounts who start following you from the giveaway will actually be your ideal customer and feel more compelled to engage with your brand.


Instagram Engagement Tip #4: Do a 5-Day Story Series or Challenge

A 5-Day Story Series is a fun way to show up for your audience and get them engaged!

Start promoting this a few weeks in advance and involve your audience by asking what they want to learn about. Make them a part of the planning process so they feel compelled to show up with you every day!

Instagram Engagement Tip #5: Recreate Your Most Engaged Posts

Check out your analytics and expand on your most engaged posts of the past few months! The key things I look at when checking out my top performing posts are:

  1. What type of post was it? Was it a carousel, Reel, photo, video, IGTV?
  2. What type of content was it? Was it educational, relatable, promotional?

Once you know this information, you can create even more similar posts to increase your engagement!

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Instagram Engagement Tip #6: Do Story Takeovers

Teaming up with other accounts for Story Takeovers are one of my favorite ways to increase Instagram engagement!

Similar to giveaways, just make sure your audiences are aligned in terms of audience pain points and interests so that both sets of followers will be engaged and interact with you and the other creator.

Instagram Engagement Tip #7: Hop on Trending Audios for Reels

Pay attention to what songs and audios you’re hearing a lot when scrolling through your own home feed, and think about how you can put your own spin on trending sounds!

I’ve found that when I use songs or audios that are more popular at the moment, my Reels tend to get higher views and engagements!

Instagram Engagement Tip #8: Have an ‘Engagement Blitz’

In order to get engagement, you have to give engagement! That’s why I love doing an ‘Engagement Blitz’ a few times each week!

Three times per week for 30 minutes each, I like to engage with other accounts by leaving genuine comments and starting conversations in the DMs. Forming those relationships and engaging with others will help increase your own engagement, too!

Which of these ideas will you try out to increase your Instagram engagement?! Send me a message on Instagram @marketingshift and let me know so I can cheer you on!

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