How to Use Pinterest for Business Growth with Pinterest Expert Claudia Gebhardt

Wondering how to use Pinterest for business growth? In today’s episode, Pinterest Expert Claudia Gebhardt is sharing her exact strategy and tips that you can implement right away to start driving leads and growing your business through Pinterest!

She’s also sharing two common mistakes she sees when it comes to Pinterest for business, and how you can fix them right now.

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📌 How Claudia Got Started

Claudia has been in corporate marketing for about 5 years, which is what inspired her to start her own business. She chose Pinterest as her main focus because she nerds out around the strategies and analytics, but is also able to incorporate her creativity.

Now, while still working her 9-5, Claudia offers Pinterest Management, social media services, and web design.

📌 How to utilize Pinterest for business

“Pinterest is not a social media platform; you don’t get that same social aspect you get from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It’s a different way of showcasing your creativity, your work, your services, courses, all that stuff in one space where people can just search, click and then try to figure out who you are.”

Claudia mentions that rather than you having to sell yourself like you would on Instagram for example, your Pins do that for you.

“I think what people don’t realize is that it’s time-consuming in the sense that it’s another platform to learn and utilize, but when it comes down to the interaction part, compared to other platforms, Pinterest is actually the most low-maintenance.”

📌 Claudia’s system for growing your business with Pinterest

  1. Create one-month’s worth of Pin designs (about 20-50 Pins based on blog content, freebies and more)
  2. Schedule the full month during the first week of each month
  3. Check in on analytics weekly and make note of any stand-out Pins
  4. Add in additional Pins as needed for things like promotions

“The biggest time consumer is designing all the Pins,” she says. “But batching is my process because I don’t want to worry about it for the rest of the month unless I’m looking to see how it’s going, or testing a new Pin template and want to see how it’s working.”

📌 How to get more impressions on your Pins

When it comes to increasing impressions on your Pins, Claudia recommends creating a variety of templates. “Having a mixture of content will allow the algorithm to spin its wheels a bit and people will recognize you more.”

Claudia has about 6 standard templates, to simplify her batching strategy and testing out all different types of content to keep it fresh!

📌 Common Pinterest Mistakes You Might be making

Are you making these common mistakes that Claudia sees on Pinterest?

  1. Not claiming your website: “Some people will Pin without claiming their website. That doesn’t help because then Pinterest can’t link you to that content.” Claudia shares how to claim your website in the episode!
  2. Not optimizing descriptions and board titles: “It’s easier to get those searches and visibility with longer-tail keywords. The more keywords you have on your boards, descriptions and Pins, the more you’ll be found.”

📌 Claudia’s tip for women launching their dream business

“Just show up! It doesn’t matter what point you’re at, I think showing up is very important. Just be yourself because people are not just buying from you, they want to work with you.”

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