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Are you mapping out some major goals for your business (or life in general!) for 2021? In today’s episode, I’m joined by my friend Coley, founder of Life Goals Collective!

Coley is sharing her step-by-step systems to achieve our business goals. She’s also letting us in on her signature framework to simplify our routines so that we’re set up for success!

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The Start of Life Goals Collective

Coley started Life Goals Collective back in 2015 when the hashtag #LifeGoals was all the rage. “Everyone would comment that on Instagram posts when they were inspired by something but also envious. I feel like a weird in between… it was positive and a bit of negative.”

Because of this, Coley was inspired to start an online magazine around the concept of creating your own life goals — goals that felt attainable to the average woman who’s just trying to better her life.

Why Routines Are the Foundation of Your Business Goals

One thing Coley notices coming up a lot with goal setting is people get really excited over the new goals they set… and then they lose momentum. She explains one common reason for this is not creating routines that act as systems to do the work for you.

“If you set routines in a way that’s sustainable, you’re creating systems that work for you. You’re just running the motions of something that’s optimized for you to have a productive day without thinking too much about it.”

“I’m all about simplifying that structure and making it so that you can almost go on autopilot, but also be intentional about it.”

Coley’s ABC Method for Creating Goal-Oriented Routines

When it comes to making progress towards our goals, Coley has an incredible system that we can start implementing right away. She explains the ABC Method in terms of a morning routine, but notes that it can be used in many different ways.

“With routines, so often we get in this all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to staying consistent with it. We feel like if we don’t have the perfect morning, for example, then why bother and why not just wake up right before we have to go to work.”

Coley recommends writing out your own ABC Method based on the following:

  • Plan A: Plan A is essentially your perfect morning. When you set your ambitious, vision-aligned goals, what do you want your morning routine to look and feel like?
  • Plan B: Plan B would be your morning routine if you have about 30 minutes less time (depending on how lengthy your morning routine is). What one or two items would you eliminate if you snooze your alarm once or twice?
  • Plan C: Plan C is for the days you forgot to set your alarm and wake up 5-10 minutes before you need to get ready for the day In that time, what one essential thing can you do to get in a good headspace and start off in an intentional way?

So many of us don’t plan for a C day, because we don’t want to believe we’ll need it. Coley says, “But even if you are someone who follows a routine really frequently, there’s always going to be C days that come up.”

“I recommend that you always plan for an A day… don’t set out to have a B morning. But just have it there as your backup for when you’re feeling extra tired and need that sleep. Have the B day, but be back on that A day tomorrow.”

4 steps to start setting aligned business goals

When it comes to setting goals, Coley follows her Vision-Aligned Goals method. This method consists of 4 overarching questions to help you create aligned goals.

4 questions to ask yourself when setting vision-aligned business goals:

  1. Abundant Goals What do you want more of in your life? What’s missing from your day-to-day that you’re craving?
  2. Minimalist goals What do you want less of in your life? These are things you could eliminate to make room for those abundant goals.
  3. Dreamy Goals What goals are tugging at your heart and keep coming up for you?
  4. Legacy Goals Think beyond yourself… what do you want to create that goes beyond you?

She mentions that these 4 questions are really helpful in setting goals that are based on your ‘why’. This way, when you do go after those goals, you’ll feel like you’re on the right path and you’ll know why it’s important.

Coley’s tip for women launching their dream business

“Break down your goals in the simplest way possible.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by breaking down each task you need to accomplish in order to make it work.

“It is so hard for us to break it all down when we feel like there’s way too much. So simplify it as much as you can and be on as few platforms as you need to be in order to start and make it feel simple.”

Learn more from Coley

Coley is getting ready to launch a goal-setting course to help you start accomplishing your biggest dreams!

Stay tuned to learn more on and be sure to download your copy of her Vision-Aligned Goals Roadmap here!

Check out Coley’s Website:

Follow Coley on Instagram: @lifegoalsmag / @coleyln

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