Brand Photography Secrets to Uplevel Your Business with Sheila Joy

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In today’s episode, I am joined by the wonderful Sheila Joy. Sheila is a brand and stock photographer based in Philadelphia and offering amazing brand photography options that are available worldwide.

We’re diving into what brand photography actually is, why it’s important for your business, and Sheila’s sharing some helpful tips for how you can DIY your own brand photography or how you can prepare if you are ready to invest in a brand photographer.

She also drops an incredible tip about utilizing your content buckets or themes that you share on Instagram, Facebook, whatever it may be, and utilizing those to create specific scenarios for your brand photoshoot.

This is an awesome episode that every business owner should check out because brand photography is so important, so let’s just dive right in!

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How Sheila Got Started

Sheila, Owner & Photographer of Sheila Joy Photography, is a brand and stock photographer based in Philadelphia but available worldwide.

While Sheila has been a professional photographer for a little over a year now, she’s been passionate about it as a hobby for over 15 years.

Prior to launching her photography business, Sheila was a business & blog coach, and a blogger. Her background in the online creative space allows her to really understand what business owners need from their photos, and how brand photography can set them apart.

What is brand photography for businesses?

Sheila says, “To put it simply, brand photography is a set of professional and consistent images that represent your brand and business, and that represent the look and feel and overall vibe of your business and brand.”

She says this is important for building trust with your audience, potential customers and clients. “Professional images can really just take your status as a business owner up a level. It’s your first impression when people land on your Instagram or website… they’re going to notice your images first.”

She goes on to explain that “Brand photography is just storytelling. You’re telling a story through images and that’s what I love the most about what I do, is helping entrepreneurs just share their story through images.”

The Secret Element to Nailing Brand Photography for your Business

When we’re thinking about brand photography, Sheila says the first step is to know our brand.

Maybe you’re working with a brand designer, or you’ve purchased a course and done the preliminary work. You should know what your business is, your business name, your overall branding, and what you stand for.

Sheila’s 7 Steps to Nail your brand photoshoot

Whether you’re DIYing your brand photoshoot or you’re ready to invest in a photographer, Sheila has some tips to help you make the most of the process.

  1. Brand Clarity: Understand what you want to communicate to your dream clients and customers through your visuals
  2. Brainstorm: Have a brainstorming session of the type of images you hope to get. Start out on Pinterest for visual inspiration
  3. Location: Select a location you feel comfortable and confident in, whether it’s downtown or in your backyard
  4. Outfits: When picking out your outfits, ask yourself “does this represent my brand? Do I feel confident in this?”
  5. Shot List: Create a list of shots you’d love to get and plan through specific scenes you can visually portray
  6. Photographer: Find a friend or family member, buy an affordable tripod for your cell phone or camera, or invest in a photographer for your photoshoot!
  7. HAVE FUN! Create a playlist of your favorite high-vibe songs so that you can relax and have fun during your shoot

Tips from a pro photographer to feel comfortable while getting your pictures taken

Rather than thinking of it as just getting your photo taken, Sheila recommends getting into the role of playing CEO in your business. Think of different scenarios like brainstorming, working with clients or creating your product.

Sheila also shares an AMAZING tip to help you think of different scenarios and poses by incorporating your different content buckets.

Map out your three main content buckets, and then take each of those and think of different photo ideas that would tell that story or translate the message you want to communicate to your audience.

“So for marketing, it could be you in front of your computer, taking a photo on your cell phone, or doing a story on Instagram. If we take it to goal setting, it could be you writing in a journal or doing a mind map or something like that.”

Sheila’s tip for women launching their dream business

“Be true to yourself! And when I say true to yourself, just not comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs and businesses and not trying to be like them.”

“I think we all have fallen into this trap and we all probably will fall into this trap. But just remember that you are amazing and what you’re offering is amazing. Tap back into that when you feel off, or you want to give up… just be you!”

Work with Sheila

Sheila offers in-person brand photography, with different packages to shoot at a studio, AirBNB or outside depending on your package. As traveling is still up in the air, this offer is available if you’re located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or Northern Maryland.

Sheila also offers custom stock photography, available to clients worldwide, consisting of brand photos to represent your business.

Photo bestie is her monthly and quarterly subscription package where you’ll receive monthly or quarterly photos shot just for you. So if you need a consistent rotation of fresh images, this service is for you!

She also offers once-off stock photos, where you’ll receive a set of images for one time.

Check out Sheila’s Website:

Follow Sheila on Instagram: @sheilajoyphoto

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